Sunday, December 07, 2008

the inevitable debate

I have a single skein of this gorgeous yarn:

saffron golden

It's 187 yards of DK weight Handspun BFL (Blue-Faced Leicester) in Saffron. It's looooovely. And I was all set to knit it up into a Stacked Eyelet Cowl (also can be seen modeled here), until I started wondering if there was another pattern that might show-off the yarn a bit better. I checked my Ravelry queue, and discovered that yes- another pattern I'm itching to knit calls for 180-200 yards of DK weight yarn as well; and it's Jared Flood's Porom hat.

So do I stick with the cowl? Or should I go for the hat? I suspect that the cowl will show the yarn best, but I'm afraid that it might be a wee bit scratchy (which is a BIG NO NO for me). Cast votes now!


Nell said...

Hat! Hat! Hat! Mostly because I just love that pattern.

Anonymous said...

hat because i'm obsessed with them myself...

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