Monday, February 02, 2009

Day 32

Welcome to February, month of copious posting! New Year's resolutions are too easily tossed by the wayside, so I've decide to assign myself some mini-missions all year long. January was no-fast-food month, and the first month of my new 365 Days self-portrait photo project (failed in 2008). Those are year-long goal/projects, but after getting a good head start it's time to throw February onto the pile.

February is daily blogging month! I'm gonna try real hard to stick to this, but I know that I won't have access to a computer or the internet every day, so I'll also have to plan for a little future posting. WOO! Complicated! I'll probably fall into a bit of a format for some days, like sharing links on Fridays and Flickr fav's on Mondays. We'll see how it goes.

Also, February is Monday-Friday veggie days! I was gonna do 14-days of vegetables (in a row), but a sudden trip to North Carolina this week means pork BBQ sandwiches with coleslaw and vinegar sauce, and locally caught shrimps. I CANNOT go to NC without these things, thus will not deprive myself for some silly mental diet. I also have special dinner reservations lined up the night of the gallery opening for the photography show I'm in, so that Friday will count as a weekend day for delicious culinary purposes.

So yes! You have much blah blah blahing to look forward to over the next 28 days. Savor it! At some point I may get a real life and keep it all to myself (haha, not likely).

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Nell said...

Mmmmmm.... pulled pork. That's how my husband and I met. So good.

Sorry. It's late. And I'm hungry.

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