Monday, November 02, 2009

Because I need another project

I've been following Block Party! for awhile now, getting inspiration from their virtual quilting bee projects. It's been neat to see how different people interpret a theme and even a pattern- but all making something a little bit different that can be brought together to make one whole project. They're going to start posting patterns soon, and showing all the ways that their readers interpret the patterns, so I'm looking forward to even MORE inspiration coming out of there. I got the fabric above very recently, and although some of it is earmarked for other projects (the Christmasy stuff, brown & bright blue prints), I got the black and white windows specifically for a future quilt project.

I've been wanting to make a quilt for a loooooong time, and now that I have a few little stashes of fabric on hand I don't want to wait any longer! I really like this pattern on Etsy, but I figure I should probably start with something simple like 'wonky blocks' (since it's probably going to come out wonky whether I want it to or not). I just need to comb through my stash and start picking fabrics- I think some of my stuff might be a little too matchy/matchy... Hopefully I'll be able to get started on a quilt top sometime this winter.

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