Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boo Berries

On Sunday I made blueberry pancakes. They were super tasty so now I'm using this recipe for ever and ever and ever. It prolly has more sugar than it should, but whatev- it's crazy delishus.

plated fluffy jacks

Then last night I decided I needed MORE blueberry goodness. Also, I am sick, so I start nesting and cleaning and wanting to settle in and be cozy and BAKE. Or something. You want logic from me? I have none. I have only a dozen muffins.

the blueberry and the pear

The other reason this happened is because I have a jar of pear-sauce (think applesauce, but with pears) in the fridge that for all intents and purposes should've gone bad a WHILE ago. But since my fridge is the place where food goes to be put into suspended animation, it is miraculously still fully edible. Hence, I wanted to use it- preferably in a healthy-ish way- like substituted for oil in a muffin recipe.

the muffins see their fate

Except I couldn't find a recipe with a big dose of oil for me to swap for the pear-sauce. So instead I used this recipe, and I gotta say that so far the results are super delicious.

buttery goodness


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Nom!!! Those look delish!

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