Saturday, January 21, 2006

there's poo everywhere!

fuck you
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ok. so, welcome to the boonies. i finally made it here last night around 11:15pm. hooray!

a lazy day of watching mythbusters & other Discovery Channel shows, and we finally got off our asses and showered (separately) and got ready for an exciting trip to Mechanicsville.

Mikey's changing right now so we can go play a little pool before we hit Los Mariachi's (which set up residence in the old Baja Bean) for some dinner. I'm the DD (heh) since i have consumed NO ALCOMOHOL since the little company party incident. shannon is pleased.

ut oh. i'm getting dirty looks. better go now. tomorrow: trip to Richmond for general stomping and photography with ***. Left the Pentax @ home since I can't afford the developing costs. :(

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