Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So You Think You Can Recap (Performances v.2)

Jesus, Mary (no not that Mary), and Joseph- WHO is dressing Cat Deely? It was a problem last year and conditions have not improved. I'm glad we're doing the cast intros at the top of the show again, cause I only remember about 1/2 your names (likely the 1/2 of you who will be sticking around). Oh, and Will- Blair Underwood called, you're needed back on set for some stand-in shots (the resemblance is sometimes uncanny). And how come no one sneaks into the men's dressing room and steals their pants? It appears to happen to the girls all the time.

WOAH! Mia bleached her hair today and Mary's taking style tips from Paula Abdul. Someone please tell her that the middle seat does not necessitate animal prints. Oooh... we're gonna pit the partners against each other! Fun! Except I don't want to think that any of my favorites aren't getting along. I've got my Twitchington on- let's get it started:

Chelsea & Thayne : Jazz
She's so pretty! And she falls asleep all the time like I do! I don't think her haircut would work on me though- and that's the real measure of how close we could be. Thayne's quite a ham. Makes me wonder if he has much of a personality other than pasting on that great big smile and entertaining.
(song: Untouched, The Veronicas) Thayne looks like Scott Weiland. DAMMIT- he was doing so well until that giant grin burst out.... ok, back in character- keep it together Thayne. I like the concept, but I really wish they were using the stage and traveling more. I'm holding Mandy Moore (the coreographer) partially responsible. Last year's boardroom routine was WAY better. And someone tell Chelsea that the piece isn't over till you're standing next to Cat. She fell out of character too soon, leaving Thayne on stage alone.
Agree with judges? YES. Att'a girl Mia. Call 'em out. Good concept, not well executed. and WHAT is with the bows on Thayne's shoes? Costuming disaster. I did like Chelsea's costume though- but she's prolly one of those girls that looks good in everything. bitch. (lol)

Chelsie & Mark : Tango
Birdman! I'm still not feelin' you dude. These two look like they're gonna have chemistry issues if they can't get over having to be sexy and close
(song: Mi Confesion, Gotan Project) I feel like Chelsie shouldn't be looking at her feet so much. AT least we appear to have gotten the costume right this go round- her wedding dress last week was seriously impeding the performance. And this week Mark looks like the The Thin Man from Charlie's Angels (the movie). Chelsie is so not connecting with Mark, it's sad. So not sexy. That should've been far more passionate.
Agree with judges? No. Ew. Mia has a crush on Cat. But clearly her taste is skewed cause she's in love with Chelsie & Mark too. I guess we can never be together. I do agree that the footwork was good tonight, but I don't think it totally makes up for Cheslsie's total lack of emotion.

Jessica & Will : Hip-Hop
I'm glad Will likes Jessica's high energy and silliness, cause I think it'd annoy the crap out of me. It seems a little fake to me. On the flip side Will's seriousness might be tough to work with as well- looks like their differences hold them together quite well though! I hope Jessica doesn't dance hip-hop as cartoony as Raven did last week. That was upsetting.
(song: Whatever U Like, Nicole Scherzinger) It's prolly help if they had some actual hip-hop to dance to, but maybe that's just me. Ugh. This is hip-hop lite again. Jessica's doing a cheerleading routine. Even Will doesn't post any attitude till he flips his hat off at the end. Bring Joshua back please.
Agree with judges? BAHAHAHAHAA! Mia agrees with ME. "Jessica was straight cheerleader." Hey Mia- it's back on baby. Let's go to California and hitch it up. However- Will did not kill it; they're just not willing to tell Debbie Allen's prodigy that he's not dancing hip-hop well enough. And pay no attention to Cat- neither of you are even mildly gangsta.

Kourtni & Matt : Foxtrot
Clash of the titans! Oh Matty, please stay in character this week, whatever character they give you. These two seem to get along really well and it's cute. Matt does seem sincere, perhaps he was just taught to dance smiley. I wonder if these two will ever be able to get any decent lifts due to their size. And please darlin', lose
(song: A Foggy Day (in London Town), Michael Buble ) looove the costume on Kourtni. And there's that grin on Matt again, but it kinda works for this dance- all old timey and cheesey.. They are quite graceful, and the judges hit the nail on the head comparing her to Uma Thurman. She'd be a perfect fit for Ula in The Producers. And they did get some nice lifts in. Lovely. It was pretty much perfect, and I'm glad they didn't take a dance they're not into and modernize it with sexy faces or body rolls. I've seen it happen and it's not pretty.
Agree with judges? Indeed. All 3 of them mashed together. And thank goodness Nigel's calling them out on the fake faces. Fix now please. Also- I think Mary may have borrowed that corset from Paula Abdul, and whatever substance she consumed while wearing it is now leeching into Mary's bloodstream... lookout! And oh man- if this couple gets split up, WHO are they gonna partner with? Yikes.

Courtney & Gev : Modern
I like this pairing too. They're really nice and sweet and sincere. Poor Gev- Courney's got a man! Well... you know what happens on these performance shows....
(song: Lost, Anouk ) YAY! Performance lighting! LOVE IT. Dance needs dominant sidelight, and this show doesn't have enough of it (because they have to light for tv). Oh man, these two got the good Mandy Moore routine. Bet Chelsea & Thayne are jealous. Thank goodness for DVR, cause I'm watching this one again. Man. Everyone else in this competition should be taking notes of the chemistry and emotion displayed by these two.
Agree with judges? Yes. Gev could've been a little stronger I think- just cause it's easier to connect when you already have a crush on your partner... haha. They were lovely.

Katee & Joshua : Broadway
Awww, they're smiley. HAHA. Katee's not funny, but Joshua's kinda cute so they balance each other out. And yes, I'm gonna hold Katee's attitude in auditions against her for awhile longer. She's just not lighting it up for me.
(song: All For The Best, Godspell 2001 Revival Broadway Cast ) Oh we're a bunch of lovable scamps are we? Oh man is the beginning ever slow. When Katee's supposed to be sad, she's awful happy looking. WHERE ARE Katee'S SHOES? We need a ruling here- it's both or neither. Joshua's smoking Katee. This is hard for me to critique- I don't really like Broadway.
Agree with judges? Oi. Nigel's huffing Mary's corset. Hopefully Mia can reel this pair in? They all love it- ok. I'll roll with it. Quite a coincidence that the 2 hip-hop guys (Joshua & Twitch) both did Broadway within the first 2 weeks, 'eh?

Susie & Marquis : Salsa
Oh I do not like these 2. Mostly Susie. Glad to hear that Marquis hates her hair as much as I do. haha. Woah- they got salsa! And since that's her specialty she has to kill it and Marquis is gonna have to keep up. Ut oh... Susie heard the coreographer say that she does 'street salsa'. Hopefully that lights a fire in her.
(song: Aguanile, Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe ) Oi. They're out of sync from the start, and Susie's dressed like a sparkly rooster. At least they're both wearing shoes. Susie's slipping in her turns, ut hopes to distract you with her hips and hair. She should be making this look easy, but instead she appears to be struggling. She's scared.
Agree with judges? Si. Oh Mia. "Susie, you're hot. We get it." HAHAHA. Yeah- Susie did not come through. Mary agreed that the turns were labored. Disappointing. Bottom 3 material, guaranteed.

Kherington & Twitch : Viennese Waltz
I predict good chemistry. She's bubbly. Man- and she did get lucky having a partner who can really lift her. Aww... I like his geeky glasses! I named a hat after you two- don't let me down! Twitch: "I don't now anything about the Viennese!" lol
The dance is inspired by the choreographer's daugher, and I think this couple can appreciate the depth of that, and will really perform it as best they can.
(song: A New Day Has Come, Celine Dion) Kherington is wearing that gown- very ladylike. Twitch moves well when he's leading K, but left to his own devices gets kinda sloppy, like on the lifts. He's supportive, and not detracting from Kherington, who is who we're obviously supposed to be paying the most attention to. These two partner well.
Agree with judges? Despite the judge dispute, i'm with Mia that she didn't need to smile the whole time. I just wish they'd share that with the rest of the cast. This didn't come off as a very complicated dance, but it had a lot of feeling built in by the choreographer, and I think that almost gives it right to 'em.

Comfort & Chris : Crumping
Ut oh. This could get scary. And sweaty apparently! I like Chris- he's sincere and humble, as confirmed by Comfort. I hope she can get the hardness in him like she says he needs- toughen him up a bit. It'll help later when he has to really man up in partnering too. The judges love a strong, stable, manly man.
(song: Come and Get Me, Timbaland ft. 50 Cent ) YAY! Finally a good music choice. Hating the lighting though. It's seriously detracting from the dancers' movement to have all those damn animated movers. Should I talk about the dancing now? Poor Chris is programed to be light on his feet, and he needs to be dropping his weight in this one. He's way too fluid. And he looks like John Mayer. I feel like the choreography could've been a lot harder too- Comfort didn't even get a chance to shine if you ask me. Blarg.
Agree with judges? Will Mia and I ever disagree? And I'm also with Mary this time- "I know 'Lil C could've gotten a lot more out of you." Yep. OMG. Nigel just dogged Chris out hardcore, but I can't help but agree.

Wow, I think the judges got over last week's first performance show 'high', and gave some actual good criticism tonight. They were not elated with everyone, the shine is off the penny. It's for the best really- the only way for these kids to get better is with some real feedback.

Favorite Couple of the night: Courtney & Gev. You could almost put it all on the lighting. I'm a sucker for a well lit show. But the lines, the movement, and the emotion was perfect. I wonder sometimes how much the audience misses due to the camerawork- and if there are just as many tiny moments we don't see, as there are ones that we do see.
Favorite Song of the night: Untouched, The Veronicas. It had a bit of a Maniac feel to it, and provided a number of tempo and rhythm changes.
Favorite Judge of the night: MIA! Seriously hon, it's legal now. Let's roll. You know- once your roots come in a little... that bleach job is kinda brutal.

FloRida and a Shane Sparks routine tomorrow night? WOOT! This of course means I'll have to catch up when I get home from seeing Run Fatboy, Run with Melissa @ ACD. See you tomorrow night!


Sameer Vasta said...

ay, I'll admit it, I cried watching Courtney & Gev's routine. It tugged at my heartstrings.

And you really can't fault Gev for having a crush on Courtney, the woman is not only gorgeous, but she dances for the Knicks (my team) and is from Queens (represent!). Plus, she seems absolutely adorable in person too. Okay, so maybe I have a crush on Courtney as well.

Okay, take that back. I have a crush on Kherington. Nay, I am in love with Kherington. And her and Twitch make the cutest couple ever -- despite the fact that I'm completely jealous of the boy.

CorporateMonkey said...

That's ok, cause I've got the hots for Twitch! Wadda ya say to a little roadtrip? You can slide in and console Kherington when I snatch him away. lol

Sameer Vasta said...

Sounds like a plan to me. I'm good at consoling. =)

SinlessTouch said...

at least you got the adult costume right becuase her wedding dress was impending the performance last week. Anyway, it was a cool and interesting read for me.

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