Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So You Think You Can Recap (Results v.2)

We're back again for another results show! I'm kinda looking forward to the opening number since they really seem to be pushing the production value this season. And it's fun while the cast is still huge enough to fill the stage.

(song: Elevator, FloRida ft. Timbaland ) Marquis is starting us off, and there's a inconsistent cutaway! You mean it's not all LIVE? Sorry- nope. But the hip-hop song is promising. And those suits? I know someone who's gonna like this one almost as much me. I know this isn't for judging or anything, but I could deal with a little less camera work. If I could get a director with a slightly larger attention span, that'd be great. Maybe they're covering for the dancers' mistakes- you can't even tell. OH DUDE. Look. If you're gonna film this ahead of time and splice shots together, please employ a continuity clerk. From one camera Comfort is up on her knees, then when we cut to another camera she's sitting on her but half a second later. SLOPPY EDITING. Unacceptable.

Mia's hair looks better already, and she's rocking the flannel. She wants me. I'm starting to wonder if Mary's gonna dress in black and gold ALL SEASON. The participants' outfits are already looking better than last week. Shall we depart from the fashion policing and get to the bottom 3? Yes please. We're getting right into it after the cut.

Bottom 3 couples are:
1. Chelsea & Thayne
2. Suzie & Marquis
3. Chris & Comfort

Chelsea & Thayne are a disappointing choice for me, but not unexpected; their performance was not up to par, and they just weren't connecting with the piece or each other. Suzie & Marquis are obviously no surprise either. If you saw last night's show you'll know why, but Suzie drew salsa (her specialty) and had trouble with even the basic elements. Chris and Comfort I think were partially victims of a routine that wasn't representative enough of the style they drew. At the same time, they could've pushed that routine as far as it would go, and they didn't. These were all predictable choices, and the only couple I would hate to see lose a member

Ut oh... guest dancer time.... Timo Nunez? Is that what she said? Oh boy. I may be the only one who thinks so, but that outfit is not sexy. I do appreciate the complication of the dance though. He really did prance around like a bit of a show horse when it was over though, didn't he? With no little interview segment whatsoever, I wonder if he was segment filler, or if someone else cancelled? We may never know.

HAHA. The cameras are having to zoom in because of the teenagers

Solo Critiques
1. Chelsea: Girl... I'll be mad if you go home. I'm not sure about the solo though... there wasn't anything spectacular, or any of the little tricks the audience goes nuts for. *fingers crossed*
2. Thayne: There's the grin- I'd like a little more seriouslness out of him, expecially when he faces the potential to go home. He's really milking the arials isn't he?
3. Suzie: Her chance to show her specialty was last night, and it landed her here. This is more like a video girl audition, and justification of the choreographer's 'street dancer' comment.
4. Marquis: Yes yes, leaps really get the crowd going- but they're not the ones deciding your fate tonight sir. He got a few good technical elements in there too though, and I think that'll carry him through.
5. Comfort: That girl is GOOD. I would've liked to see her travel and use the stage a bit more, but she's booking work right now.
6. Chris: Aww, did you have to bust out the John Legend? Love this song. Can he not hear the song? He started late... kinda awkward. I can't figure out what he's doing- is he making this up on the fly or does he not know the routine? Odd.

Time for FloRida, and though he has shoes someone appears to have stolen his laces. This is a bit of a let down, but he is not cute. I would've fallen out if one of those little teenagers had jumped up and started freaking him. HAHAHA. Those kids were plants for SURE. Of course he couldn't do Low 'cause it's been out too long, or Elevator because they used it for the opening number. Sounds like he's out of singles to me.

Who's Going home
Girl: Marquis
Guy: Suzie

Suzie was a no-brainer. I didn't understand how she made it onto the show in the first place, and figured it would be only a matter of time. After drawing salsa for last night it shouldn't have been this week, and I wonder how she would've performed in a modern routine. Marquis? I think Thayne was pushing the tricks harder than Marquis, but I suppose it was a toss-up. If I weren't so tired I'd review the tape on that, as I think it's a bit of a scapegoat reason to let him go. I personally would've preferred to see either Chris or Thayne go home, but I guess that's why I'm on the couch and not at the judges table.

Another complete couple goes down, and we enter the third week with no re-partnering. To me, that means the couples should all be familiar enough and have some serious chemistry in their routines. No more goofy grins and inappropriate facial expressions! Debbie Allen would not stand for this! GAH!

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Sameer Vasta said...

I thought the show last night was a bit of a disappointment: Flo Rida was weak, wasn't a big fan of the flamenco dancer (though his footwork was impressive) and they kicked off Marquis.

Also, not enough screen time for Twitchington.

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