Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stitch 'n Pitch

Friday night I hopped the 9A bus, the yellow line, and the green line to Navy Yard to see the Nats play the Rangers in their new stadium, Nationals Park! The occasion was this year's Stitch 'n Pitch game, and of course the first one I've ever been to having just learned to knit this past September. I met up with Ayana & Joanna just as they were headed up the ramp to collect their goody bags.

Check out the swag!
ms. new booty

Melissa found us there, then we found our way to Five Guys for our much anticipated dinner. I still think it's awesome that they've stocked the stadium with locally popular establishments, like Five Guys and Ben's Chili Bowl. The stadium is awesome. And I know that's in part because it's still so new and shiny, but oh my is it ever so lovely. It actually makes me like baseball more (and I was the only one of my group to stay till the sweet sweet end). Here's a shot from the entrance, right behind the outfield.

How sexy is that W they cut into the grass?
The field

Liza met us at the bar in front of Five Guys, and after picking up her dinner and some frozen margaritas, we made our way around to our seats. Have I mentioned how awesome and hilarious my girls are? We sat down in a mixed section of knitters, husbands, boyfriends, and regular fans- but made ourselves right at home. The husband of the woman behind us kept asking to trade items from the goody bags, and was very excited about the free "sticks" (knitting needles). He offered to trade a ball of fuzzy wackiness for my finished Twitchington hat, but was denied. (IT IS NOT A BEACHBALL! lol) Melissa shelled peanuts into her yarn, sock, my purse, and the back of the necks of the people in front of us. Every time the guy in front of her scratched at his neck I couldn't stop laughing.

the girls!Angel Pose

As the game went into extra innings and the fireworks portion of the evening was cancelled, I was the only one left at the stadium for the 14th (and final) inning. With the bases loaded and the Nationals at bat, I was hopeful that my new man Cristian Guzman was gonna bring it home for us- but alas, he struck out! (Oh Cristian, come over here and let me console you.) Fortunately Elijah Dukes (who'd hit a home run earlier in the evening) made the game ending hit that brought in our boys and won the game!

Nats win! Nats win!

Alas, there are no photos from the subsequent stadium exit and (quick) metro trip back to the Pentagon, where I discovered the next bus home wouldn't arrive for an hour. Seeing as it was 12:05am already, I decided to hoof it towards home and attempt to catch a cab on the way. It only took about 15 minutes (and a mile) before I was finally able to flag one down, and I was home 3 minutes and eight dollars later... ten minutes before a massive thunderstorm hit. Good times... good times...


Anonymous said...

I kept laughing at the guy in front of us me some peanuts. Glad you got home safely. I was wondering if Joanna stayed till the end. Did they announce that they weren't going to do the fireworks?

CorporateMonkey said...

They flashed a warning that if the game went after 10:50pm there would be no fireworks, then when the clock ticked past 10:50p they made it official. That's about the time that Joanna and Ayana headed home. I went with them right up until we got to the outfield exit and decided to stay behind and watch the rest from the outfield.

Nell said...

How fun is that? I love that the guy in front of you had peanuts all over his neck.

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