Thursday, February 05, 2009

It's awfully drafty in here

I use Gmail as a weigh station for the brilliant ideas I come up with throughout the workday. Because I've never been good at keeping track of post-its, and if I put something in Gmail I know I can access it across both Windows (work) and Mac (home) platforms. Of course where this process goes horribly wrong is when I forget to ever go back and follow up on my genius moments, instead leaving them to fester and perish in my Draft folder.

(Click for larger, more detailed image.)

This might seem kind of silly, but I have a terrible short term memory, which I suppose could be partially blamed on certain substances imbibed in my younger years- but has probably just as much to do with my lack of focus in regard to just about everything besides my daily essentials; wake up, feed and walk dog, drive to work, work, drive home, feed and walk dog, go to gym, come home, walk dog again, go to sleep, and do it all again tomorrow. Where in that list do you see time for creative endeavors such as: Learn to Quilt! Make a Terrarium! Improve my French! Cook something with Sweet Potatoes! DO LAUNDRY!?

And that's kind of ridiculous too. There should be time in there for all of those things, at least a few times a week (especially on the weekends). Meanwhile, I already have a house full of unfinished ideas and endeavors that started the very same way- in my Draft Folder. In theory, I should tackle those first. That is... after I clean out all the drafts in my spare bedroom, kitchen, and dining room first.


Eliza said...

I have 27 e-mails in my Draft folder and I don't even use it for that. I use Google docs. We won't talk about what that looks like.

Also, I know you've been working ahead and prepping for all this blogging.. that was my status like two whole days ago!

CorporateMonkey said...

haha- yes, you caught me! i actually wrote this 2 days ago, then other stuff came up and popped in my head that was more... timely? Topical? So I posted those first and delayed this one. Which is good, cause no one wants a post that's been penned under as much Vicodin as I've got in my system right now. :)

Nell said...

I have post it's everywhere. This is at least more environmentally sound way to keep track of your ideas.

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